Working remotely in multicultural teams:

Remote work is growing. We have to recognize that it is sometimes a challenge to do a job or project remotely. If we add the complexities of different cultures and work styles, it is undoubtedly much more complicated.

Some quick tips for when you have to go through this situation:

  1. You can’t help but think about:
  • Being aware of communication and its styles (direct or indirect).
  • Ensuring the participation of all participants
  • Sharing clear goals and objectives
  • Defining a structure that suits everyone (schedule, agenda, tools…)
  • Agree on the roles of each participant
  • Build trust and teamwork
  1. Be aware of the impact of culture:

Read about each participant’s culture. Mainly, about the following cultural dimensions:

  • Hierarchy
  • Relationship
  • Group
  • Communication
  • Time
  • Control
  1. Create a Trusting Environment

Team members need to find a safe environment in which they can interact and collaborate.

In a virtual team, trust is difficult to establish and maintain and is easily damaged by cultural misunderstandings.

  1. Build relationships and share success

Create dynamics to break the ice and strengthen the relationship between participants.

  1. Diversify communication techniques

Surprise the participants with novelties to achieve greater engagement.

Of course this topic deserves more depth, but I hope these quick tips are useful and will spark your interest in the subject.