Visa for Digital Nomads in Latin America

The nomadic lifestyle has been gaining traction for more than a decade for freelancers working in the digital sector. The pandemic and rapid digitization of companies made this lifestyle attractive […]

The decision to live abroad.

Let’s talk about the choice to live abroad and its impact? Having the opportunity or choosing to go abroad with your family is exciting, and believe me, it can also […]

Remote work and foreign workers in Peru

With the entry into force of the State of Health Emergency in March of last year 2020 (and still in force), employers were authorized to implement the modality of “remote […]


In Venezuela, to travel abroad, even though the Civil Aeronautical Institute issued an official statement indicating that restrictions on commercial flights will remain in force. However, some flight routes have […]

Working remotely in multicultural teams:

Remote work is growing. We have to recognize that it is sometimes a challenge to do a job or project remotely. If we add the complexities of different cultures and […]

A job to call my own!

When you think about your job, or the job you are looking for, what factors do you take into account? The name of the company? The salary you will receive? […]