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The aim of Brazil Talks is to share knowledge and best practices in the area of Human Resources and Global Mobility.

We came to encourage dialogue and promote networking in a broad, democratic, transparent and globalized way.


Ana Maria Rodrigues

International Consultant BGRS

“The purpose of sharing experiences and best practices in global mobility and debating important current issues is gratifying. The interaction with Talkers is enriching, because each event organized is a unique learning opportunity (personal and professional)..”

Debora Bigio


“Even with the pandemic, we decided to carry on with a high level of dedication and, in great style, we had a week with lectures every day to launch BR Talks and start something that we had no idea how promising it would be.”

Diana Quintas

Partner Fragomen Brasil

“The purpose of sharing knowledge motivated me to innovate and propose solutions for our global mobility community, so adversely impacted by closing of national borders.”

Camila Kamachi


“Participating in the Corporate Practices webinar was a valuable experience and contributed a lot to my own learning. I am extremely grateful for having been part of this journey!”

Daniela Lima

Dir. Américas Newland Chase

“Participating in the Corporate Practices webinar was a valuable experience and contributed a lot to my own learning. I am extremely grateful for having been part of this journey!”

Roberta Manochio


“Hosting the “Moving is not a nightmare!” webinar was a huge source of pride for me as a professional in the mobility area and as a BR Talker! We managed to have five competing companies seated at the same table to inform and answer questions from the Global Mobility community! A day that will undoubtedly go down in history!”

Lucas Leite

Professor at FAAP and UNICSUL

“Participating in BR Talks was a real pleasure. The team is super competent and was attentive throughout the process. Congratulations on the quality of the content.”

Rodrigo Tannus Serrano

Partner, Colombia - Tannus & Asociados

“I feel very happy and grateful to have been able to participate in this, so much so that, in the future, you can count on me anything I can help you with.”

Doug Ferracini


“Getting information and news is getting easier and easier. The internet is full of everything. What we increasingly need is analyzed data, put into practice, discussed by those who work and live the subject. We need expertise. At Brazil Talks I see this happening. Both in the conversations we have as members of the group, and in what is presented to everyone in its various versions.”

Renata Monegato


The Global Mobility community is very diverse, ranging from professionals within the corporate sector, providers of the various services involved, expats and their families. It is gratifying to participate and contribute to organizing events with such quality, in which Brazil Talks manages to place all elements on the same level, bringing discussions that raise the level of services provided combined with better experiences and strategic results.

Janaina Chezanoski


Being a Talker is an accomplishment of working, learning and growing with professionals I admire and inspire me so much.

Our exchanges are very rich and allow us to maintain connection with the Global Mobility community!

Carolina Carnaúba


Participating in the Brazil Talks Senior Committee has been an extremely positive experience, both as a person and as a professional. A team with different backgrounds, which has been doing phenomenal teamwork and the result is a rich range of articles and podcasts, as well as events that give us the opportunity to meet professionals with different specialties and different perspectives.

Rigoberto Vazquez

Newland Chase

Participating in Latam Talks is a totally multicultural experience where our passion for the international community living in Latin America bring us together every day. I am very happy to be part of this initiative, which is undoubtedly unique and pioneering in our region.

Roberta Manocchio


For me, being part of BRTALKS is a joy and a constant learning experience. Sharing knowledge, networking and being unique are things that move me and make me great as a person and as a Global Mobility professional.

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